Houghton Winery – One of Western Australia’s Earliest Established Vineyards

Located in Swan Valley, Western Australia, Houghton Winery is the eye of the vortex where all roads lead into. Established in 1836, it is one of the oldest wineries in Australia. Founded by the British army officer – Lt.- Colonel Richmond Houghton, who started making wine since its first retailer vintage in 1859.The dozen hectares of vineyards surrounding the Swan Valley winery is made of plantings of Verdelho, Semillon and many more. Early evidence and current studies point that the first vines were planted between 1830 and 1836. Continue reading


Pikes Wines Variety, Region and Vintage Conditions

Pikes winery is located in Polish Hill River in Clare Valley, build in vintage architecture, by steel and local stone. Pike winery was established in 1984 by the Pike family. With 180 acres of vineyard planted during over 30 years, most of their grapes have their own roots with a different range of clone selected types used. With so much experience and determination, Pikes wines are renowned in all of Australia. The equipment that is used is all the modern including crush destemmer, temperature controlled stainless steel storage, tank presses and much more. Continue reading

The Top-Selling Australian Wine Brands

Australian wine industry has a significant contribution to the Australian economy, not only through production, but export as well. In fact, Australia is the world’s fourth largest exporter of wines, with about 750 liters of wine per year. Today, Australia counts more than 2500 producers of white, red and sparkling wines. From Australian complex red and white wines produced from coast to coast to world’s most intense Riesling wines, Australian wines are a national treasure. Here are the top-selling online wine Australia brands. Continue reading