Houghton Winery – One of Western Australia’s Earliest Established Vineyards

Located in Swan Valley, Western Australia, Houghton Winery is the eye of the vortex where all roads lead into. Established in 1836, it is one of the oldest wineries in Australia. Founded by the British army officer – Lt.- Colonel Richmond Houghton, who started making wine since its first retailer vintage in 1859.The dozen hectares of vineyards surrounding the Swan Valley winery is made of plantings of Verdelho, Semillon and many more. Early evidence and current studies point that the first vines were planted between 1830 and 1836.


Houghton gained his frist recognition back in 1880, the “Order of Merit” at the great Melbourne fair. After this followed many triumphs that made Houghton one of the best-known winery’s in Australia. Houghton trained only 13 winemakers in his rein and past on his wondrous coherence and style. Back in 1922, he started training the young 16-year-old Jack Mann, who later will become the leading power of Houghton winery and its brand of wines. He is best known for Hought white Burgundy now known as “Houghton White Classic” created back in 1937.

At this moment, Houghton winery is the tenth-largest brand in whole Australia and supplies its food from all Western Australia.

What makes Houghton winery one of the best, is their patience and dedication, plus their winemakers while learning work with their seniors, gaining the skills of Houghton style, until the become one of the best winemakers at the winery. The present master winemaker, with 22 years of wine making experience, Ross Pamment is the 13th wine master in all the history of Houghton. One of the greatest strength is their great selection of vineyards to choose from. They have a great source of grapes in the original Swan Valley vineyard, Great Southern, Margaret River and many more.


With an experience of 175 years, Houghton Winery has various different of prestige and premium wines. Houghton classic range is 100-year-old trademark that is the reincarnation of flavoursome style of Houghton. Houghton joined the traditional Houghton architecture with the finesse and elegance of Margaret River. Houghton Jack Mann Cabernet Sauvignon is a fine individual-vineyard Cabernet, named after iconic Houghton Winemaker, Jack Mann.

With a rich history at its back, Houghton has come a long way since the 19th century. With dozens of awards, medals and accolades to connected to the Houghton winery is Western Australia’s most awarded winery. Notably, Houghton Winery garnered the highest number of awards for its most famous brand- Cabernet Sauvignon, the red variety for which Western Australia is most acclaimed.


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