Pikes Wines Variety, Region and Vintage Conditions

Pikes winery is located in Polish Hill River in Clare Valley, build in vintage architecture, by steel and local stone. Pike winery was established in 1984 by the Pike family. With 180 acres of vineyard planted during over 30 years, most of their grapes have their own roots with a different range of clone selected types used. With so much experience and determination, Pikes wines are renowned in all of Australia. The equipment that is used is all the modern including crush destemmer, temperature controlled stainless steel storage, tank presses and much more.


How It Is Made

The process of wine making starts with crushing and destemming all the fruit prior pressing to fermentation. After that a minimal amount of SO2 is added, to protect the white wine from oxidation. When dealing with red wine, SO2 is also added prior maceration. Pectic enzymes are added to white types ex press, adjusted necessary with a tartaric acid. Pikes winemakers choose to add yeast culture for most delicate whites and most red wines. Wild yeast ferments are also used for Shiraz and Sangiovese batches. Some batches like Grenache, Mourvedre and Sangiovese sometimes receive post ferment maceration up to 3 weeks.

Vintage Condition

Red wines mature in oak barrels about 12-18 months prior the bottling process. Following fermentation, wine is poured into French barrels (usually wooden) with a capacity of 228l or 225l. Every barrel is topped once per month during most of the year. Viognier and Chardonnay are poured smaller stirred amount and it is usually done during maturation and racked once prior bottling, while the reds may have up to three racking. Afterwards, when it is time to bottle the wines, they are cold and heat stabilised. Membrane filtration is done at the bottling stages. Reds are fined only if it is needed and minimum filtration if needed.

Climate and Land

Pike wines are planted on around 180 acres of land. The soil is characterized as duplex red brown earth over the clay, with broken and slate blue-stone sub-soil. The richness of nutritional state is low with moderate potentiating and the drainage is mostly low. The climate in the Clare Valley is cool to cold in wet winter and hot and dry in summers. Rainfall is more prevalent in winter with 650 mm rainfall per meter. The whole vineyard is fitted in inlide drip irrigation scheme. Irrigation is applied when is needed, to keep vines at their optimum level.


Best White Wine (Traditional Riesling)

With Brilliant pale green colour, Riesling is one of the best white wines that Pikes wines can offer. With very seducing aroma, dominated with lemon, lime and citrus nuances makes this wine divine to handle. It is lovely to drink even it is still young, but with 6-10 years of age is perfect.

Best Red Wine (“The Dogwalk” Cabernet Merlot)

With deep red colour, aroma filled with dark cherry and spice, with just a touch of damp, Merlot is one of the best red wines that is produced by Pikes winery. The French oak in the background gives it prestige taste, with fruity flavour and gasping after taste. A good wine, good to drink young but with 3-5 years of ageing is better to handle. The best suited combination of food is with Chinese style beef ribs.


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