Quick Guide to Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay

If you are looking for a better chardonnay under 15 dollars you aren’t going to find a better one than Lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay. Chardonnay is a wine that boasts many flavours like lemon, apple, pear, vanilla and many more complex flavours. It is the most planted white wine grape in the world, with countless acres. Lindemans wine is one of the most sought after wines in Australia, The Lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay has been one of Australia’s most popular white wines for decades and it’s no wonder why with a complex blend of fruit, freshness, spice, and cream this wine offers a little something for everyone. If you, however, are concerned about how oaky this wine might be, there is nothing to worry about and that’s what makes this wine so popular is that it balances perfectly and is not too oaky or rich as compared to many other chardonnays.


While there are many more expensive wines on the market which do have nicer qualities you won’t find a chardonnay in this price range that matches the quality of the Lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay. If you are planning any special occasion like a wedding, or even a quiet dinner party, maybe a night out or just to sit and relax in the evening then this wine is perfect for any occasion and it won’t break the bank. Lindemans wines first became overwhelmingly popular in the early 90’s after a well-known wine couldn’t match the demand and supply all over Australia, Lindemans, on the other hand, had all the resources it needed and became the next big thing. The most amazing part of the Lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay is that in over the past 20 years there has only been a 2 dollar increase in the price on Lindemans wines.


If you prefer drinking a wine by itself, or if you are one of those people who like to pair it with good food, or even cook with it, this wine will hold its own either way. Like most other chardonnays, this wine will pair nicely with chicken, turkey and oily fish. If you are cooking or ordering in a restaurant try to stick with a dish that uses herbs with a more earthy flavours like parsley, thyme, shallots and tarragon. If you, however, want a vegetable main dish you again want something more hearty to break down the acidity of the wine like squash, asparagus, zucchini or mushrooms. If you are having a get together or want to pair it on a cheese plate then any kind of soft cheese or creamy cheese with a more mild flavour will fit perfectly with this wine. Some other chardonnay wines in this price range are known to have certain flavours that make their low price so obvious like a clean, lemon flavour, this wine, however, has flavours that usually accompany pricier wines like the pear, melon flavours you can taste in the Lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay.


The Lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay has won many different awards over the years, including many gold medals in the ‘Concours Mondial de Bruxelles’ wine competition where over 7000 wines compete against each other. A few years ago the Lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay was only available in Australia but now it is available in almost every country with Lindeman’s distributing this wine nearly all over the world. With the Lindeman’s bin 65 chardonnay, you get the taste of a more expensive chardonnay with the price tag of a cheaper one. When it comes to chardonnay you really can’t beat the value for money that this wonderful chardonnay has to offer, you can probably find this chardonnay at a local retailer near you, there are also many online wine stores that stock Lindeman’s.


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