Campbells Wines – Four Generations Of Winemaking Knowledge

The Campbells Family

Campbells wines date since 1870 when Scotsman John Campbell established the vineyard. Today, the Campbells winery and vineyards are run by fourth generation viticulturist Malcolm Campbell and his brother Colin who is the winemaker. They have been joined by the fifth generation, so today the Campbells family has a reputation as a benchmark Rutherglen winery.


Campbells Philosophy

With over four generations of winemaking knowledge, as well as the most modern wine-making technology available, we are one of the leading wineries located in North Eastern Victoria, Australia.
From the very beginning our philosophy is to capture the flavours of Rutherglen into our complex and yet elegance wines. As we already said, Colin Campbell – the fourth generation winemaker sticks to this and strives to maximize and protect the natural fruit flavours.

Collin Campbells Goals

Wine-making requires a diverse set of skills and an artistic tallent. Colin’s creative mind and his desire to build on the foundations laid down by his forebears, as well as his technical skills as a winemaker is what guide him through the years when he was studding oenology at the Roseworthy College. Since ever, Colin was open minded and he was always looking for ways to improve the wine-making process. His willingness and desire to learn and discover new things are the reasons of Campbells modern wine-making technology.


Campbells Wines

Campbells are famous for its full-bodied red and crisp white wines that tell a lot about the Rutherglen wine wegion. Campbells are also the home of the renowned Rutherglen Muscats and Rutherglen Topaques which are considered to be among the world’s richest wines. These Campbells wines are a combination of grape variety, soil, climate and generations of experience which is the key to their success.

The Rutherglen Wine Region

The climate in Rutherglen is extremely warm and dependable, very similar to the Rhone region in France, and that is why varieties like Shiraz and Durif prosper there. The warm and dry autumn, makes grape varieties to slowly and fully ripen, which result in true varietal flavours. Each bottle of Campbells wine is a testament to generations of experience, innovation and dedication.

Campbells Wines_2_mast

To sum up, Campbells are famous Rutherglen’s wines that have developed a house style that is complex and elegant, capturing a rich pallet of fruity flavours. The next time you want to try something new, do not miss this Australian treasure. You can’t go wrong with it! Whether white or red, there is always a wine that will complement your taste.


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