Wine For Your Wedding: Brown Brothers Cienna

Brown Brothers Cienna is light wine with a beautiful ruby red color and aromas of fresh strawberries and raspberries. Abound with sweetness, it is juicy and rich with a refreshing finish. It has a creamy palate and bubbles that almost jumps out of the glass. Just one sip of this sweet wine it tastes like summer in glass, while the blend of its fruit sweetness and natural acidity leaves a refreshing sensation. To completely enjoy its taste it is better to consume it well chilled and young.


So, if you still not have selected a wine for your special day, consider Brown Brothers Cienna. This summery wine is delicious, lovely and spicy. It is sagacious choice if you want something refreshing for your guests, especially if your wedding has an early start. It is great after just half an hour in the fridge and you would not have your guests sozzled before you’re done with your speeches.

Cienna is new grape variety. It is produced by crossing Sumoll, a grape variety from Spain with Cabernet Sauvignon. Sumoll comes from Catalonia region of Spain and is perfect for the dry, warm growing conditions found in many grape growing regions in Australia. Cabernet Sauvignon is world known as the King of red grape varieties. Cienna combines the best features of both, producing high quality grape variety suitable for conditions in Australia.


Now when you read something more about this delicious wine and you want to make part of your wedding menu, the question is: How much wine to buy for your wedding? The amount you need to purchase depends from few things: the time of the day when your wedding is going to happen (late morning or afternoon, or early afternoon) and are you planing a free bar all nigh? Also, another thing to consider is when people will be drinking, will there be aperitifs before the meal? Do not forget people who prefer a non-alcoholic drink, those who are driving or just are too young to drink.

When it comes to paring food with Brown Brothers Cienna here are few simple information that you may find useful. This summery light wine is perfect companion to a wide range of dishes. For example, try to pair it with spicy Chinese hot pot with coriander and Szechwan pepper chilli. This wine is also great with a fresh mixed and crushed meringue berries smothered in raspberry coulis.


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