Red or White Wine: Which One To Choose?

Whether red or white, wine is a great choice for any special occasion. From birthday parties to anniversary dinners and even weddings, a bottle of wine can surely change the mood of any special event. It is a fact that many wine lovers tend to have a preference between red and white wine. But unless you are a wine expert or drink it on a regular basis, knowing which wine to choose for your special occasion may be confused.

While both wines present numerous similar qualities, red and white wine can be very different in some aspects. Hence, it is important to understand their similarities and differences in order to know which one to choose.


First Things First

The truth is: ‘The colour is one of the main differences between a red and a white wine’. And that you probably knew it already. But what may be new for you, is that what really differ them both are the grapes used in their production process. To produce red wines, the grapes that are chosen are usually either red, dark purple or black in color. And this is what gives the red wine its deep color. When the grapes are selected, the skins and seeds are also used in the wine mixture. And that is what actually gives the red wine an enhanced flavor.

On the other hand, to produce white wine, lighter colored grapes are often used – mostly the green varietals. Because the skins and seeds are separated from the grapes, white wine is known to has a lighter and fruitier flavor. All this is what gives both wine varietals unique characteristics.

Health Benefits

When it comes to health benefits, red wine is usually considered the healthier choice of the two wines. That is due to the skins and seed that are left on the red grapes during their process, which allow all the
the antioxidants that are present in the skins to be consumed.

One of the main antioxidants found in red wines (resveratrol), is highly known to help eliminating blood clots and protecting blood vessels. Researches have also reported that other antioxidants present in red wine can prevent the growth of cancer cells and even lower the risks of cancer. However, white wines also have their health benefits. White wines are known to boost heart health, promote lung health and even prevent heart diseases.


Regardless of which wine you choose, wine is always a tasty and healthy option. If you cannot decide on with option to choose, visit a liquor store. There an experienced attending will be able to help you make your wine purchase accordingly.

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