The Boom of Australian Shiraz

The Australian Shiraz is one of the most dominant grape varieties in Australia, proudly covering more than 40% of the total red-wine production in the Australian wine industry. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that this is one of the most appreciated wines offered by the entire Australian region that makes the perfect wine choice for any taste and any occasion.


Shiraz grapes are grown in moderate climates, which is the ideal condition to produce finest quality full-bodied red wine that features high levels of tannins, ‘spiced up’ with notes of black pepper, mint and blackberry. Well, that is what constitutes the perfect formula of the fantastic Australian Shiraz that makes a top wine-choice for passionate lovers of red.

But, the path towards success has not been quite easy for Shiraz wine. Once this grape variety started to be grown in Australia, it was mainly used for the production of fortified wines (a special style that is not quite popular in the 21st century). Hence, the dry-table Australian Shiraz used to be frequently overlooked in those times, as it was the iconic Penfolds Grange that was dominating the Australian wine sales.

Shiraz started to be produced in warmer regions like Central Victoria, McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Clare Valley. As Shiraz was conquering Australia’s most popular wine regions one by one, its biggest critics started to praise the rich, full-bodied, voluptuous and powerful Shiraz which suddenly, appeared on the map among top rated red wines Australian wine industry takes pride in.


One of the greatest advantages of Australian Shiraz when compared with other Australian reds is that the entire portfolio of this wine matches the portfolio of European wines in terms of savoury and elegance. We have been aware that over the years, the Australian drinking nation has been aiming towards the balanced European styles that feature complex flavours, refined structure and lower alcohol levels. All these characteristics created a special ‘wining and dining’ culture in which the Australian Shiraz fits perfectly in.

Wine experts say that there is no wine that carries greater personality than Shiraz. Hence, the reason why modern wine producers strive to create elegant and rustic Shiraz-based wines that can help to increase Australia’s export rate and conquer the international market of wine. Today, regions such as Great Southern, Canberra, Adelaide Hills, Tasmania and Hilltops are best-known for producing some of Australia’s finest Shiraz. Do not miss out the opportunity to try one!

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