Australian Riesling: Does It Get Better With Age

Drinking good wine, with good food, in good company is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Riesling is considered to be one of the finest white grapes in the world, producing a whole range of styles from bone dry to lusciously sweet.

Australian Riesling is generally considered best consumed soon after you purchase it, while it still has its fresh fruity characteristics and lively acidityare. Many people love the rich fruit that the wine exhibits in its youth. Riesling produces wines which are delicious on release and in most cases improve in the bottle for a little while. All wines go through some changes as they age, just like we do.


Finding the balance that age lends to a wine as the sugar disappears while preserving the explosiveness, can be quite a challenge.If you prefer your Australian Riesling full of petrol aromas with a lean feel and salty minerality, then you will enjoy your wine good and old. Australian Riesling wines have great aging potential. This is a result of the naturally low Ph and high acidity of Riesling wines. The wine ages as the sugar level increases.

Australian Riesling can be stored for a couple years, since aging can make them very complex and interesting. This varies and it often depends on where the vineyard location is, the vineyard practices, the vintage year as well as the winemaker.Rieslings are relatively austere when young, and can be considered “aged” after three years.Many of them, provided that they are stored in ideal cellar conditions, will last for at least 20 years. Some desert-style Rieslings have the longest age-ability, reaching up to a hundred years.
To help the wine age gracefully, you need to store it properly, at temperatures between 10-12ºC.

Riesling grape produces the longest-lived white wine. It ripens late and with a hard wooded vine, allowing it to thrive in cold conditions. Riesling grown in warm conditions can lack freshness delicacy and floral or lemon flavors which gains from being grown in cold places.

Australian Riesling seems to be improving, becoming more layered. Like a good wine, it would be nice to check on a bottle of it and see how it has changed in three years.So, stop hesitating and have a glass of an old Australian Riesling with your friend. Friendship makes the world go around, but wine makes the trip worthwhile.

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