Top Australia’s Wine Auctions

Wine Auctions are a marketplace with precise rules that allow buyers and sellers of uncommon wines to anonymously negotiate a trading price. The value of old and rare wines depend on the taste of the buyer and is recognized only by the buyer. Australian wine auctions are small events, mostly trading Australian wines like Henschke Hill Of Grace and Penfolds Grange. The limited amount of international wine imported and the growing number of domestically produced fine wines, limits the Australian fine wine international development.

Wines-Auction-SceneBelow you can see the leading Australian wine auction houses with auctions that have satisfactory volumes and turnovers of rare and fine wines. The old rare wines that have recognized market prices can differ a little bit in different auction houses.

The main difference between general wine auctioneer and a specialist is that the specialist will give general information to the buyer about the historical value of the wine (low or average price paid), while the general wine auctioneer will tell the RRP (recommended retail price), leaving the buyers uninformed and paying 40% more than the fair market price. Have a look at the top 4 Australia’s wine auctions.


CrackaWines Auctions – Launched on September 20, 2010, CrackaWines is the branchchild of Wine Ark and was created to lessen the supremacy of major retailers. Unlike other online platforms, CrackaWines allows customers to research and compare the prices of particular or similar wines (styles, types, brand) being sold at the exact price point. All wines are carefully sourced all to connect wine lovers with some of Australian best wine brands, such as Cariole, De Bortoli, Hungerford Hill, Lesingham and many more. Wine auctions are held every day at particular time of the day (made widely known in time) with the prices starting at recommended retail price and continuing to fall until all the cases of an auctioned wines have been sold. Of course, the longer you wait to make an offer, the better the deal, but the higher the chances of missing out. Wine lovers and auction enthusiasts can register and as CrackaWines members, they can view all auction offers, get special offers via email, review transaction history and complete their purchases fast and easy.


Wickman’s Fine Wine Auctions It is founded in 2003 form several charity auctions. Wickman’s is a family business that offers personal wine auction experience. It specializes in trading fine and rare wines only from private collectors. Wickman’s Fine wine auction house is the only one that can offer guaranteed origin i.e purchase and storage wine history.


Langton’s Wine Auctions Langton’s wine auction house is the leader when it comes to establishing price in the secondary market. In 2009 it was sold to the Woolworths chain and since then operates frequent auctions that source numerous release wines through corporate networks. Langston’ house also has a Langstons classification guide through where Australian wines are classified based on past activity in secondary wine market.


Oddbins Wine Auctions Oddbins wines has been present since the early 90’s. They have recently set up a new bidding online system through which they have increased the frequency of their auctions. This system helped them increase their budget and have a new fine wine section. After becoming their member, you will be able to see current auctions and past catalogues.

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