The Top-Selling Australian Wine Brands

Australian wine industry has a significant contribution to the Australian economy, not only through production, but export as well. In fact, Australia is the world’s fourth largest exporter of wines, with about 750 liters of wine per year. Today, Australia counts more than 2500 producers of white, red and sparkling wines. From Australian complex red and white wines produced from coast to coast to world’s most intense Riesling wines, Australian wines are a national treasure. Here are the top-selling online wine Australia brands.


Penfolds – Penfolds was established in 1844, in the early years of the foundation of South Australia. This wine brand has played a crucial role in the development of winemaking in Australia and the rest of the world. Penfolds has established itself on the Australian market as the leading producer of wines and today, Penfolds wines are a synonymous for quality. This winemaker is able to find the best fruit from best regions in Australia. Given the fact that Penfolds is in the business for over 180 years, it a sure thing that Penfolds wines are not ordinary, but extraordinary.

Yellow Tail – Established around 2000, Yellow Tail has quickly become a top-selling online wine Australia brand. This wine brand is produced by a popular Italian wine brand, Casella, when the owner Filippo Casella moved in Australia with hopes for better life. In 2001, Yellow Tail wines have been delivered to the US market, where they became the best-selling imported wines by 2003. in 2005, Yellow Tail has become the first wine variety to sell a million of cases in only one year. The winery has expanded 10 times the original size, which makes it the most successful wine brand in Australian history.

Yalumba – Yalumba is Australia’s oldest family-owned wine brand, established in 1849. From a 30-acre parcel of land, the winery has expanded drastically and managed to become one of the most popular Australian wine brands. Yalumba has grown in size, cases per year and stature, so today it delivers all sorts of wines with unique style that cannot be emulated by any other winery. Yalumba’s history and tradition have earned the winery a big reputation in Australia.

Jacob’s Creek – Jacob’s Creek is one of the top-selling Australian wine brands. The first grape vine of this winery has been planted in 1847, with hopes that someday the winery will grow big. This hopes came out to be true and the wine brand is now available in over 60 countries around the world. Jacob’s Creek offers a variety of red, white and sparkling wines, of which most are dry, instead of sweet as most Australian brands do.

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